Product Packaging

Please find below details of the common packaging materials and formats of our products. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Resealable PVC Bag & Header Card

Almost all of our costumes are supplied in a resealable PVC bag making it is easy for you to open and try the garment on for size. Please note that the header card showing the product image and information MUST be returned with the costume in the PVC bag in order for refunds to be made.

Presentation Box

Presentation boxes are used typically for childrens' costumes and are perfect as a gift.

Sealed Blister Pack and Sealed Transparent Packs

Blister packs and transparent packs offer protection during shipping and allow you to view the product before opening. They cannot be resealed once opened, therefore we are unable to accept the return of opened blister or sealed transparent packs unless faulty.

Single or Loose Item

Some products such as accessories do not have individual packaging, or may have a transparent polythene wrapper.