Historical Costumes

Our historical costumes are exactly what you need to get party-ready for an event that celebrates ancient times. We have history fancy dress from era’s as long ago as the cavemen, onward to the Egyptians and as recent as Victorian Britain. Not only are they great for a themed party or night out, history fancy dress costumes appeal if you’re in a live performance, film production and even school trips to the museum. There’s always an occasion to dress up and remember our ancestors and we’re here to help you do exactly that! Some of our most popular historical fancy dress ideas include the roman soldiers and emperors of ancient Rome, Greek Spartans, gods, goddesses and the mighty Cleopatra that ruled in ancient Egypt. In more recent history, we have plenty of military and WWII era outfits to give you a 1940’s makeover and royal costumes based on the kings and queens of Britain’s Tudor, Elizabethan and Victorian ages. Find an abundance of history costume inspiration for adults and kids here on Simply Fancy Dress.