Animal Fancy Dress

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    Deluxe Scooby Doo Costume

    Turn up to that cartoon party adventure in the licensed Adult Deluxe Scooby-Doo Costume! The costume comes with a brown jumpsuit with blue and yellow collar and attached headpiece.

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    Frog Costume

    Hop into the party with the Adult Frog Costume! The costume includes a green jumpsuit, headpiece with face and shoe covers.

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    Shark Costume

    Recreate jaws in the Adult Shark Costume. The costume comes with a grey shark shaped bodysuit with hole for upper body and one arm.

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    Easter Bunny Costume

    Hide the Easter eggs in the Adult Easter Bunny Costume! This costume includes a white jumpsuit with gloves, headpiece, shoe covers, patterned waistcoat and bow tie.

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    Fluffy Easter Bunny Costume

    Join the Easter egg hunt in the Adult Fluffy Easter Bunny Costume! The costume includes a white jumpsuit, headpiece, shoe covers and gloves.

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    Adult Fish Finger Fancy Dress Costume

    Make a sandwich in the Adult Fish Finger Costume! This costume comes as an orange tunic with holes for face, arms and legs.

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    Adult Darko Rabbit Costume

    Become Frank the Rabbit in the Adult Donnie Darko Rabbit Costume! This costume includes a white and black bodysuit plus headpiece.

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    Novelty Cuts of Meat Dress Costume – Beef

    Whether it's rack or ribs wear the Adult Beef Cuts of Meat Dress Costume! This costume includes a black dress with colourful printing

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    Ostrich Rider Costume

    Practice your puppet skills with the Adult Comedian and Ostrich Costume! The costume includes jacket with shirt front, skirt with bird and legs, under-skirt, hoops, trousers and shoe covers.

    £69.99 £75.99
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    Koala Costume

    Eat eucalyptus in the Adult Koala Costume! This costume includes a grey jumpsuit with attached gloves and shoe covers and headpiece.

    £29.99 £37.99
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    Panda Costume

    Eat bamboo in the Adult Panda Costume! This costume includes a stuffed black and white headpiece and matching furry jumpsuit with attached gloves and shoe covers.

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    Women's Owl Costume

    Be a night owl in the Women's Owl Costume! This colourful costume includes a dress with wings and hood.

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    Bath Duck Costume

    Swim around in the bath with the Adult Bath Duck Costume! The costume includes a yellow top, matching trousers with attached feet and headpiece.

    £34.99 £38.99
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    Adult Flying Primate Costume

    Relive your first fear in the Adult Flying Monkey Costume! This costume includes a bodysuit, top, mask and hat.

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    Rob and Emu Costume

    Entertain your friends as well as children with the Adult Rob and Emu Costume! The costume includes a blue jacket and emu puppet.

    £29.99 £36.99
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    Gorilla & Cage Costume

    Be caught by King Kong in the Adult Gorilla & Cage Costume! The costume includes plastic cage kit, head, body, socks, feet, harness, filler bag, knee inserts, cage floor and rubber bands.

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    Kangaroo Costume

    Hop around the party in the Adult Kangaroo Costume! This costume comes complete with a white and brown bodysuit with tail and a headpiece.

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    Teen Wolf Costume

    Use your werewolf curse this Halloween with the licensed Adult Teen Wolf Costume! The costume includes a jacket, vest, gloves, wig and beard.

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    Adult Pink Running Gorilla Costume

    Includes jumpsuit with attached headpiece, hand covers and boot covers

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    Squid Costume BLUE

    Be the best looking sea creature in the Adult Blue Squid Costume! The costume includes a blue bodysuit with tentacles and pointed head.


Having animal costumes as your fancy dress theme is a great idea, there are many to choose from and everyone has a favourite animal. There is also a great range to suit all different style and personalities, you can be big and scary looking with dinosaur costumes and gorilla costumes or cute and fluffy with bunny costumes and chick costumes. Look as ridiculous as you like or if you'd actually prefer to look surprisingly delightful there are sexy options of some animal costumes for the girls. Add face paints and accessories to really finish off your animal fancy dress look and make you stand out from the rest of the herd. You will find a huge range of prices amongst the animal fancy dress category, spend as little or as much as you like as the quality varies from the lower range to the supreme, high quality animal outfits.

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