90s Fancy Dress

We have an eclectic wide range of 90s costumes, ranging from a collection of pimps and pimpettes, film and TV inspired costumes, as well as music related costumes and as the games console platform Sega introduced Sonic the Hedgehog to games lovers in the early nineties we have that covered too, so you should find a perfect costume with ease.

Grunge was very popular in early nineties music, dominated by Nirvana, so our grunge costumes will have you looking the part without any effort. Later in the decade, the immense success of the Spice Girls heralded an explosion in the number of pop acts in the charts. We have all of the Spice Girls covered, so if you are a group then they will look great. Obviously, the Union Jack dress would stand alone as a classic reflection of the nineties.

We have a great collection of nineties film costumes, with classic films such as Cool Runnings inspiring our Jamaican Bobsleigh Costume, The Mask costume, Toy Story costumes, and even Disney's Beauty and the Beast costumes are featured.

The nineties was also the heyday of many TV classics, so we have costumes galore covering TV. For fans of Baywatch we have some great bathing costumes and for lovers of UK comedies we also have Only Fools and Horses and Mr Bean costumes. TV also occasionally throws us the odd character out of the blue and so it did with Mr Motivator, if taking the mick out of exercise is your thing. We also saw one of the huge children's favourites rise in the nineties, with everybody at the time left wondering why? Teletubbies. Costumes to explore here in the nineties.

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