80s Fancy Dress

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    Adult Yellow Rock Star Costume

    Includes trousers, top, vest, belt and microphone.

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    80s Olympic Skier Costume

    Includes jumpsuit, glasses, helmet and skis.

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    Prince Charming Costume

    Prince charming outfit includes jacket, cravat, belt, trousers, sash and boot tops.

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    Vyvyan Basterd 'The Young Ones' Costume

    Includes waistcoat, t-shirt, headpiece and bracelets.

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    Sexy Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man Couple Costumes

    Includes female Ghostbuster & Marshmallow Man costumes.

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    Top Gun Costume

    Top Gun pilot costume includes Top Gun jumpsuit and glasses.

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    Adult Mischievous Creature Costume

    Includes dress, hooded waistcoat, wrist cuffs, leg cuffs

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    Teen Wolf Costume

    Includes jacket, vest, gloves, wig and beard.

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    Adult Dusty Bin Costume

    Includes tunic and boot covers.

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    Adult Controversial Comedian Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers, shirt front with attached bow tie and hat.

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    Rock Star Housewife Costume

    Top, skirt, wig, moustache, ear pieces and vacuum prop.

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    Adult 80s Action Hero Costume

    Includes dungarees, brown muscle chest, necklace and wig.

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    Secret Wishes Ghostbuster Costume

    Sexy Ghostbusters costume includes hat, jumpsuit, belt and backpack.

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    Adult Crocodile Hunter Costume

    Includes waistcoat, hat and armband

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    Men's Shell Suit

    Includes top and trousers.

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    Adult Karma Chameleon Costume

    Includes shirt with attached tie, hat with attached dreadlocks and microphone.

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    Adult Alter - Ego Superhero Costume

    Includes jacket, cape, hat and moustache

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    Beetlejuice Costume

    Halloween Beetlejuice costume includes jacket with attached white shirt front and tie plus trousers.

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    Adult 80's Virgin Bride Costume

    Includes dress, glovelets, and veil

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    Inflatable Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Costume

    Includes inflatable jumpsuit.


If you are looking for a few useful pointers to inspire you in the 80's direction, we at Simply Fancy Dress are only too happy to help. There is a real mixture of 80s fancy dress costumes in this category, showcasing some of the terrible/terrific trends that were around during the decade.

The boom in mass cultural figures meant the 80s has left a massive legacy in fancy dress terms which is why it is such a popular choice for parties. In addition to the music and film inspired costumes created in honour of earlier decades, the 1980s saw the first computer games to inspire costume designs with Super Mario and his brother Luigi ever popular choices for 80s fancy dress parties along with Pacman, Street Fighter and the Space Invaders costume.

Musically speaking, the 1980s saw the rise to prominence of two iconic pop legends Madonna and Michael Jackson, both of whom are represented extensively here, alongside homages to Freddie Mercury from Queen, Adam Ant as Prince Charming and Boy George.

The 1980s was also a decade for some great films, resulting in a number of costumes, including the ever popular superhero Batman who was reinvigorated on the big screen, major successes Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Beetlejuice and ET, along with costumes that would make a great crocodile hunter.

The 'style' if we can call it that was somewhat lacking in taste which is just great for fancy dress now! Remember poodle perms and mullets? What about the dreadful shell suit? Neon bright colours also feature heavily in 80s costumes and conjure images of the decade with ease.

So what are you waiting for ... go choose and knock 'em dead with your great tasting costume!

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