60s Fancy Dress

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    Adult Inflatable Fat Scot Costume

    Includes inflatable bodysuit, fan and hat.

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    60s Groovy Man Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers and neck tie.

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    60s Black & White Chequered Dress

    Includes dress and hat

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    Adult 60s Hippie Costume

    60s Hippie costume includes dress and headband.

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    70s Hippie Costume

    Adult 1970s Fringed Hippie Costume includes dress, waistcoat and head tie.

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    Adult 60s Hippie Couple Combination

    Bring flower power alive with this fantastic Adult 60s Hippie Couple Combination!

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    Polyester Paul Fancy Dress Hippie Costume

    Includes top, trousers, belt, necklace and wig with headband

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    Tie Dye Dress

    Includes dress only.

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    Men's Light Green Frill Shirt (Deluxe)

    Deluxe light green frill shirt.

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    Adult Mojo Man 60s Costume

    Includes jacket, trousers and shirt front with jabot.

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    Ladies Swinging 60s Costume and Hat

    Includes dress and hat.

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    Adult Dancing Diva 60s Costume

    60s hippie costume includes top and trousers.

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    1960s Groovy Lady

    Includes dress, printed waistcoat and headband.

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    Adult Feelin' Groovy Sexy 60s Costume

    Includes dress and headband.

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    Adult Hippie Costume

    Includes top with waistcoat, trousers and headband.

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    60s Black & Pink Chequered Dress

    Includes dress and hat

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    60s Tie Dye Hippie Costume

    Includes top and trousers.

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    Adult 60s Flower Child Costume

    Includes dress with waist tie.

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    Psychedelic 60s Hippie Costume

    Hippie costume includes shirt, pair of hippie trousers and and a hippie waistcoat.

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    Hippie Dress Costume

    Includes dress.


So you're looking for a swell 60s costume? Fab. Our 60s fancy dress costumes beautifully reflect the mood of the swinging sixties. The era saw huge change from the fifties, with the rise of mods & hippies, the peace movement and free luurrve! Musically speaking, we saw the rise of the supergroups - particularly the Beatles & the Rolling Stones and the festival movement was born from the success of Woodstock in the summer of 1969. The colourful costumes we have here are great for making you look like you've been caught in a time warp. Hippie clothing features very heavy psychedelic Paisley prints, loud tie dyed shirts and floral prints. We have a huge collection for you to peruse and select from whether you are looking for a stylish mod Beatles costume, or a rockin' hippie costume. Don't forget these brightly coloured 60s fancy dress costumes can be perfectly accessorised with sunglasses. If you're gonna step back to the groovy days, chill man, peace!

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